About This Project

Working alongside Jae and Anna from O’Mara Cycles has truly been an amazing experience.

Our collaboration has extended to not only developing and implementing effective digital marketing campaigns on platforms like META but also creating engaging photo and video content tailored for their social media channels.

Reflecting on our journey, it’s interesting how a simple suggestion from Silvia upon moving to Black Rock in 2018 led us to explore the world of cycling at O’Mara Cycles. Initially skeptical, I jokingly dismissed the idea of bicycles replacing cars in our lives. However, within a week of that conversation, I found myself stepping into O’Mara Cycles, and now, we proudly own four bikes that have become an integral part of our lifestyle.

What sets O’Mara Cycles apart is not just their excellent products but also their commitment to fostering a positive community around cycling. Collaborating with Jae and the team has been seamless and enjoyable. At the core of our partnership lies a shared ethos – supporting individuals and businesses that contribute positively to the community. 

Jae’s warmth and dedication to the cycling community make working with O’Mara Cycles not just a professional endeavour but a personal delight. Here’s to many more miles of collaboration and shared success ahead!

Photography, Social Media Marketing, Video
photo video, social media marketing